Meaningful Tutoring - Learning Matters Here!
Summer is more than just a time for fun and relaxation!  For those students taking Honors or Advanced Placement classes, it's a time to start sharpening those critical thinking and writing skills essential for success in college level classes.   Let Irv help your son or daughter face those classes with the written expression skills they need to handle any challenge they face in an English or social studies class.  Irv's Writing Boot Camp during the month of August will give them the confidence and the skiils and the tools needed to achieve.   The week long sessions will feature instruction and feedback along with timed writing exercises to help students grasp the concepts key to success no matter the subject.  If you're interested in your son or daughter receiving such help, please email Irv by the end of May 2014 as far as your family's interest and availability to participate.  Check back here in June for information on fees, schedule and location.
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